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NV-2 Shock Piston

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Our Elite shock T6 Valve.


The NV-2 shock piston is the only motocross bike shock piston in the world that helps create traction making downward wheel pressure during the compression stroke.


The dual velocity nature varies the initial flow rate to the valving shims for as much accelleration and braking traction as possible.

This makes the initial valving stack function as if it were digressive, without the permanent handling problems associated with being digressive.


The NV-2 is the ONLY shock piston in the world that creates traction during use.


The NV-2 creates a 25-30% increase in downward wheel pressure during long duration and initial compression stroke when compared to other piston designs.


More traction.

Faster laptimes.


This level of performance is physically and mechanically impossible to achieve using the stock, or any currently available aftermarket shock piston in the industry.

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Available for KYB and Showa shocks.